Generational Children & Family Evangelist

Sean W Smith is a speaker, performer and ALL in one ministry package to the generations! His multigenerational approach to ministry allows him to do what very few communicators can....powerfully CONNECT and ENGAGE with children, teenagers, adults & seniors - ALL at the same time!
He is one of the leading Christian songwriters for children globally, as well as a dynamic & incredibly captivating speaker.

Sean is specifically sort after by churches across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia & the US, to speak into the areas of:
- Family Ministry
- Parenting
- Kids Ministry, &
- Empowering the Next Gen to win in life

Sean specialises in 'ALL IN' Generational family church services.
He also performs in primary schools, speaks at conferences, performs family concerts & does outreaches with various faith based organisations such as: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc, Operation Christmas Child, Hillsong & many others.

Half a million kids impacted (and counting…)

Alongside his family, Sean has a huge heart for building into children and families through music and the Word of God. As a full-time itinerate minister, Sean brings a unique view of the world in which we live. Today, Sean travels the globe sharing his music and ministering to tens of thousands of families every year in schools, churches and conferences. Sean has performed to nearly half a million children in more than 500 schools and 350 churches worldwide, as well as released seven christian kids albums independently since 2008.

“One of the things I believe God has called and equipped me to do is encourage and help grow strong Godly families. Never before have our children’s identities, moral belief system and the value of family been so under attack by society. I believe God has laid on my heart to invest into our children and families to ensure we intentionally build and create a generation of young children who know their identity in Christ and parents who build their children strong in and on God’s word!” - Sean W Smith, Australia’s only Christian kids recording artist.

....I believe God has laid on my heart to invest into our children and families.....

A heart to encourage children

Sean has spent eight months each year for the past seven years travelling around Australia and the rest of the world determined to help build children and their families up and teach them how to make Jesus their ‘number one’! Through his music, he leads the way in a new generation of praise and worship that powerfully connects with children of all ages and backgrounds. From rockin’ praise anthems to fun songs packed with catchy, easy-to-sing melodies, his music can be heard blasting from radio stations, classrooms, churches and families’ cars around the globe.


Sean has a heart for building into and encouraging the children and families in your town or city at your special service, incursion or event. Sean can bring his unparalleled ability to uplift and connect to your next:

  • SCHOOL: Christian and/or values-based performance
  • CHURCH: Generational Family service, Children’s Ministry, Carols, Family Concert & Kidmin Training
  • CONFERENCE: Special guest Minister/performer for children

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