Not Ashamed

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The wait is over!! The brand new album from Australia’s new favourite christian family songwriter is finally here!! Packed with 12 brand new songs for children of all ages, Not Ashamed is loaded with catchy melodies, powerful truths & all the fun you’d expect from one of Australia’s most loved Christian kids songwriters. Featuring Sean’s trademark humour and modern sound, this album is guaranteed to captivate the WHOLE family!! Starring rocking dance anthems ‘Boom’ & ‘Free’, the worshipful ‘Love lights the way, & of course, the hilarious family favourites, ‘Welcome to Australia’ & ‘Share your Toys’!! Warning: Some songs may lead to outbursts of spontaneous dancing!



1. Forgiveness Groove

2. Rock n Roll

3. Shine

4. JC Workout

5. Dance & Sing

6. Press On

7. Make Jesus No 1

8. Christopher Columbus

9. Stop & listen to your Mum

10. Wow Wee

11. Books of the Bible

12. Children of the World

13. Turn



1. Boom

2 Dance like you mean it

3. Welcome to Australia

4. Not Ashamed

5. Superhero

6. Share your toys

7. Free

8. Love lights the way

9. Superdad

10. Jesus is King

11. I wanna be

12. The Obedience song