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Sean & Rina here – Thanks for stopping by! If you’re a parent who’s felt frustrated, angry or worried – don’t panic…You are not alone! Maybe you’ve had some success, but you know there’s more? If you are anything like us, you want your kids to follow Jesus, but the question remains….HOW do you raise Godly kids in a world that’s gone mad?

The answer is closer than you think! Unlock the SIMPLE step by step guide to experiencing more of God’s goodness in your home with renowned parenting and family speakers, Sean & Rina Smith and their brand new book, Renovate Your Parenting. Discover the Biblical Secrets to transform your family and start enjoying parenting the way God intended!

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the FREE VIDEO above to discover some of the 52 Biblical Secrets that have literally transformed our parenting and the lives of 1000’s of families around the world.  In this video we will also unpack exactly how to use our new book to renovate your parenting and help you experience God’s BEST in your family – FAST!!

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This book is not for everyone! This is for parents who actually WANT to change! Parents who have a DREAM of a better future for their kids. Parents who DESIRE to see the promises of God come to pass for their family and are willing to LEARN and take ACTION!

If that’s you, we want to give you a taste of what’s in store!

You’ve got this – See you on the other side!!