God is All Around

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Product Description

This debut album from Sean W Smith features 15 incredible songs that will captivate children of all ages! Inspired by his time as a Primary School teacher, come on a journey as Sean uncovers the wacky and wonderful truth that; ‘God is all Around!’ Featuring loads of Biblical principles and stories from God’s Word including ‘Davey Boy’, Samson & the very long Hair’, The Fruit of the Spirit’, The Superhero Song’ & the infamous ‘Luke & the messy Cupboard!!”

Listen to a sample of ‘God is All Around’ below!


01 The Superhero Song 02 The Christmas Song 03 God of Wonders 04 Christopher Columbus 05 Davey Boy 06 The Fruit of the Spirit Song 07 Don’t Worry 08 The Space Song 09 Samson and the very long hair 10 Luke and the very messy desk 11 Luke and the very messy cupboard 12 The Story of the 3 Wise Men 13 The Candy Cane Song 14 The Olympic Song 15 True Blue


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